I'm Noah Finer

Nice to meet you!

I code stuff for fun.

I worked at Figma, Lumos, Stripe, and Productiv.

I take cool pictures.

Scroll down to check those out.

(or if you're in a rush check out my resume here)


I've done a few semi-viral projects, a couple successful.

I made the internet write stories together at WeWord.

I also recently scaled up Chime Menu.

Please contact me if you wanna chat!


I also have a camera

and I take a lot of photos.

You can contact me if you'd like to buy one.

Other Things

I do other stuff also.

Like co-directing a creator space, rapping, and journalism.

See more here.


I have two lizards that are both named Spiky.

This is Spiky1 (RIP). He was a ten-year-old bearded dragon.

He makes up half of @spiky1and2.

Lizards (cont.)

Here is Spiky2.

Spiky2 is a crested gecko of around eleven years.

He is a good bit smaller than Spiky1.

He makes up the other half of @spiky1and2.


Hey, if you like my stuff

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or my lizards at (@spiky1and2).

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